Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where have I been?

I don't know... I really can't recall where I've been since my last post. But who reads this anyway? Let's see... major accomplishments have been my Twilight cake...

Now, when I say "accomplishment" with this particular cake, I mean it's what I've had the most raves on. It was really fun to make. 

I read the first book and I genuinely enjoyed it but when I read the 2nd and half of the 3rd, I was ready to vomit. I couldn't bring myself to finish the series because they were awful and I loathe not finishing what I've started but I wasn't able to do it! I've told my friends who are bona fide "fan-pires" my feelings towards these books and of course the were appalled and they tried to convince me otherwise. My only argument is, is that I've read great books and I have pretty high standards, even for fantasy books! Fantasy is my favorite genre!

Anyway, moving on... about the cake. It was actually one of the easiest cakes I've made. I made the feathered tulip and chess pieces days ahead so it had time to dry and harden. I piped the "Twilight" on the cake free hand and it came out better than I expected. Piping is one of my weaknesses so I was proud of how it came out. The girl who received the cake loved it and I'm happy she did. I wish I was there to see her face when she saw it because she is a total "Fan-pire". She tried to hold off on the cutting-of-the-cake as long as she could! 

Lastly, I won 1st place at the Iron Cupcake San Francisco Challenge! The challenge was breakfast.

The description of the challenge instructed cupcake engineers to come up with a cupcake with what you have for breakfast in mind. The only thing that came to mind was my regular order at Starbucks, "Triple white mocha, extra hot!" So, that is what I made. White chocolate mocha espresso cupcakes made with Starbucks espresso and they came out delicious. I'm glad many people agreed!

For those of you who are ever in the San Francisco area, check out Leland's Tea Company and have a cup. Many of the teas that I've had so far are delicious and I've never had a tea experience like what I've had at this place. Nothing fru fru about it just yummy tea and great people. I recommend the Tiffany's Blend.

Now, I'll probably be M.I.A. for a while again because for reasons I will be publishing when is time is right. For now, happy baking!!!

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Derrick said...

Top-notch "engineering", as usual.

And to add: Cream cheese on red velvet and real pistachios in a pistachio cake along with your "breakfast" winners equals the best Easter ever...well next to the first Easter of course.